News: Fans pay homage to kesha

Verffentlicht am: Dienstag, 11. März 2014

LOS ANGELESShe's worn vinyl bubbles on her bod, Red lace excessively her face, 10inch Alexander McQueen "Armadillo" Shoes to be with her feet and an Armani"Difference Age" Dress made of glittery rings that seemed to orbit around her. It seems kesha will wear anything. And same goes with her fans, Which in turn, On saturday and Thursday, Dressed up in their Gaga best for her shows at Staples Center.

Some rifleshooting bra, The cancurl coiffure, The pokerface vanity magnifying copy mask. Just using two years, The performer has developed into a fashion force with enough iconic looks to costume the entire cast of the TV show Glee. Enthusiastic by David Bowie, Madonna, Acceptance Jones, Elton chris and Freddie Mercury, She is just about the latest champion of nonconformity Nike Hypervenom Soccer Cleats.

Wednesday night's show didn't let you down. Like a functional DJ, Gaga sampled farreaching aspects pop culture. A story book fanpleated cellophane gown and matching headdress were equal parts Glinda the Good Witch and Erte Art Deco, While a hirsute suit unveiled in mind the creatures of Sid and Marty Krofft. Giorgio Armani's mirrored bodysuit turned vocalist into a human disco ball.

Her enthusiast, Who did actually range in age from 9 to about 70, Showed their adoration with hair in every colour of the rainbow wigs and dye jobs in neon pink, Neon yellow and american platinum eagle blond. There were Vegas showgirlstyle hair pieces, And many customized sunglasses with crystals, Marlboro butts, Entered pistols, And so on.

Lightningbolt beauty products was a trend too, As were American flag outfits impressed by the"Phone number" Video recordings. Bows produced from hair were a major theme, As were spidery ripped stockings, Bejeweled bustiers and the requirement clawhand pose. One mom to be wore a mini dress made entirely from tinfoil Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG football boots.