News: Downtown Ridgefield looks for other

Verffentlicht am: Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Local merchants and diners in downtown Ridgefield have launched a series of Friday evenings filled with good music, Good food and late night hours suitable for a good shopping experience.

Telephoned Fridays After Five, It started last Friday and continues on to the end of August. Forty bistros and retailers have signed on for the weekly evenings, That'll bring people into downtown nights. And musical groups are being lined up to perform opposite Town Hall, Offering a selection of musical styles.

"We thought it would be a good method to get some energy on the streets here preweekend, Said of Shoe La La on Bailey path. "I wish it to be like an open house event with wine and snacks a store by store open house,2013 Nike HyperVenom Phantom FG Fußballschuhe – Schwarz/Grün.

Fridays at Five was Brennan's opinion. She and her partners at Shoe La La had talked about how much they enjoy having customers come into their store and how they need to create a party atmosphere for shopping.

A week after presenting the idea to at the and other downtown store and catering owners, The event has be realized.

"We had tried monday Nights, Something similar prior to now, Forman referred to. "That started with a spark after which they fizzled out. But Suzanne has a great marketing mind and must work. If we do this round the summer, By fall people can assertain they can go downtown and stores will be open,

A few storefronts on Main Street in Ridgefield that now stand open. Three of those should be the sites of online companies soon, In order to building's owner. But meanwhile belonging to the closing of longtime retail kitchen store, A full Kitchen, While midMay, Concern started about the purpose Main Street was taking.

"I only want to think that with Paul's(Robert, Owner of the total Kitchen) Leaving and his feedback, Together with the vacant stores on Main Street, People are beginning to take notice, Forman pronounced. "They're coming to realize we put energy into downtown and support our local merchants. If Paul's posting did that, It's a very important thing,

In a May 19 statement in The NewsTimes, Robert said he had tried with no luck to pull other merchants together to stay open late on the same night and support one another's businesses. He said trying to thrive in Ridgefield's business tone was"A tutorial in futility,

"We're hoping to generate more of feeling of community, Arata wanted to say. "A lot of stores are changing hands. We're getting feedback from customers that possibly hoping its not a sign of awful things to come 2013 Nike HyperVenom Phantom FG Fußballschuhe – Grau/Rot/Schwarz.