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Liberty Shoes can in order to Rs 140

Liberty Shoes can in order to Rs 140

Nike hypervenomx schweiz liberty Shoes can to be able to Rs 140

Tulsian divulged to CNBCTV18, “What I like about Liberty Shoes is their handing them out network and their strong brand bouquet. Most have over 12 brands in their bouquet. They are the top nike hypervenomx schweiz five makers of the leather footwear in the planet making about 50,000 pairs each and every day. If you go by their distribution network they have 150 vendors, 400 extraordinary showrooms and about 6,000 nike hypervenomx schweiz multibrand stores nike hypervenomx schweiz of their Liberty Shoes.

He also added, “Your market cap is close to about Rs 185190 crore. The debt in the books of the actual is close to about Rs 8085 crore, Which has been largely availed for capital finance. Nothing has gone for financing the fixed assets of group. That also adds up favourable point for group, Which actually you can call it as a debt free company, Because Rs 8085 crore capital against the current assets backed by the value of about Rs 150175 crore is not very large,

“If you go by their topline of nike elastico indoor schweiz about Rs 300 crore on an annualized basis because first half will not very exciting on the bottomline front, Basically because had a PAT of close to about Rs 2 crore for the first half on a topline of Rs 145 crore. Generally I treat tag heuer within a bracket of Rs 45 EPS,

“If you will go by the comparable peers like Bata or maybe the liking for the retail, Because nike elastico indoor schweiz retail stocks are now coming back into the focus and probably that is the theme which has been chosen today by picking up CESC as well as Liberty Shoes, Because can also be taken as a retail stock. The marketer holding is quite healthy at 6566 percent, HNIs and large people are holding close to about 2022 percent. So taking all this into account again stock looks quite good and I feel that stock can move to Rs 140 in next one year or so nike hypervenomx schweiz.