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Winners selected in MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti screen grab contest

Winners selected in MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti screen grab contest

Nike hypervenom 2 schweiz winners selected in MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti screen shot contest

We’ve chosen info for our ingame screenshot contest. There were a great number of great entries; Some made us bust a gut, And some had us gaping in awe of the visuals possible with modern games. Since we just need a pair of MSI’s graphics cards to give away, We had to be in on two entries.

The funniest shot of the lot originated lazydc, Whose torch nicely framed a zombie thong in Left 4 Dead 2. Invaluable.

We had a little more trouble deciding on the most amazing screenshot Nike Fußballschuhe Kinder Grün of the bunch. Subsequently immediately following much deliberation, Crazybus’s shot of the Pagani Zonda in require for Speed: Change won out. There were plenty of electrifying images among the submissions, But this one is especially well composed and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Reputable mention goes to Vulgotha, In whoever outofbounds shot from Halo: Reach is a sight to catch sight of, Even if it’s mainly the sky box. Our two grandprize nike hypervenom 2 schweiz winners normally takes nike hypervenom 2 schweiz home the MSI GTX 560 Ti, That offers fasterthanstock clock speeds and a quiet dualfan cooler. They’ll also get download codes for Cause 2 and Mafia II. We have an extra 33 game codes for our other favorites, Which were submitted by these simple:If you’re our winners, nike hypervenom 2 schweiz Please use the forum message feature to. He’s our biz guy and provides for sorted out. Winners have 72 hours to assert their prizes.

We would like to thank MSI for kicking in the graphic cards and game codes that made this contest possible. Thanks also go out to Visual Haven forum moderators Dposcorp and SpotTheCat for keeping track of the contest thread. Then in the end, Kudos to every person who took a few screenshots for the contest. You will see all the entries nike hypervenom 2 schweiz Nike Fußballschuhe Kinder Grün.